Black Capital

I recently spoke at this event:

Out of Sight: Constructing, Experiencing, Changing Peripheries – 20 March 2014

The peripheral is not only what is imagined as geographically distant, but encompasses those seen as the distant amongst us – the stranger, the outcast, the pariah.

What does it mean, in the age of digital technologies, to be “peripheral” – on the fringes and out of sight? How are communities imagined as peripheral empowered or disempowered through networks and practices? How is the peripheral constructed and mediated by new media, as place, as geography, as relationship and as a category of being?

This event will discuss the idea of the peripheral, examining communities and subjectivities imagined as distant, aiming to explore the nature of peripherality, to examine experiences of being strange or far away, and to debate whether new media changes or impacts how categories of distance/difference are constructed.

I gave a talk around the notion of ‘Black Capital’ – a short abstract below.

Black Capital 

The mutations of contemporary communication capitalism are reconfiguring notions of centre/periphery, inside/outside, subject/object, self/other, past/future, material/immaterial, west/non-west, whiteness/blackness. This talk focuses on black cultures incorporation into the workings of a ‘post-racial’ media that fetishes, abstracts and exploits difference, marginality and otherness. I consider how the ‘grammar of (racial) suffering’ is coded and ‘traded’ in the spectacle and circuits of paranoid info-capitalism and global empire.  I speculate on the possibilities of the aesthetics of the ‘black radical tradition’ as critique, and in reimagining contemporary futurity and the fugitive subjectivity of resistance.

More details of the talk to follow….


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