Screening the Gaza Bloodbath Carlos Latuff

To watch the massacre of the Palestinian on our TV screens is just like watching a snuff movie. The liberal fantasy is that by gazing at the carnage we will somehow stop it. Whereas we infact become complicit in the structure of violence, which is to show the world that Zionism can commit genocide at will, with total immunity. The real sadness is that we watch this disaster without our own culpability – No one is innocent. Either you fight for justice for the Palestinian people or you reproduce the impotent televisual gaze in the form of contemporary orientalist power. We just beocoem the passive consumers of the new empire – An empire driven by the spectacle of the pornography of war.

In these times of terror – words fail, images blind, information hides the truth. There is an emergent counter media discourse  challenging the fetish of the impotent gaze of the dominant war machine. My friend and colleague Haim Bresheeth has set up an incredible archive of resources on the Gaza Caranage. Check it out

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