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State of Exception?

The ‘war on terror’ is essentially a security and policing operation on a global sphere. While there has been much debate about the significance of 9/11 as an event, if it is approached through the lens of the shifts in … Continue reading

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War on Democracy – Pilger film

The whole John Pilger film ‘War on Democracy’ is on Google Video

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War on Democracy

The recent UK TV screening of John Pilger’s War on Democracy feature-length documentary was a timely reminder of American governmental initiation and support of genocide and fascism, and the undermining of democracy, in Latin American over the last century. In … Continue reading

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Call for Papers – Interrogating Postcolonial Sexuality

Racism in the Closet: Interrogating Postcolonial Sexuality Special issue of darkmatter journal Call for Papers This issue of darkmatter sets out to explore the complex and controversial relationship between discourses of race and sexuality. In particular, it focuses on … Continue reading

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Lessons of Empire

    Two villagers who left their mud and wood huts last month to travel to London — Kumuti Majhi and Phulme Majhi — were a stark contrast to the 212,000 wealthy Indians who visited Britain last year on shopping … Continue reading

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Representing White Supremacy/Digital Slavery

I was about to comment on this US print advert for a new Intel computer chip, when after complaints of racism, Intel have apologized and pulled the offending ad. This is Intel’s statement on their blog: ‘Intel’s intent of our … Continue reading

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